Returning home from school each day, Laurie tells his parents about his naughty classmate, Charles. But along the way, clues begin to shadow the truth behind Charles. Charles started out hitting the teacher, later her bounced a teeter-totter off a little girl’s head. Laurie told his mom and dad that Charles was just “fresh.” Laurie’s mother is wondering why Charles is having such a rough time and decides to attend her first PTA meeting to talk to Laurie’s teacher. Thus the real truth behind Charles is revealed. Video by: Jessica Hawkins, Miranda Fischer, and Ali Wood. Hey this is ed....sorry bout deleting ur movie.....and then replacing it with mine..............................twice......... bad.....u can delete doesn't even load at whats the point.

A young boy named Laurie, played by the critically acclaimed actor Jordan Holmes, goes to Kindergarten for his first time. Everyday, however, Laurie comes home with new stories of what “Charles”, a classmate of his, has done to cause mischief. After sometime, Laurie’s parents begin to wonder what kind of mother would let her child act like “Charles”. However, they soon find out that they may be asking for more than they can handle. Video by: Ed Ehlert and Jordan Holmes.