“The Things They Carried” is set during the Vietnam War. The soldiers feel lost among the other soldiers. They lost touch with who they once were. The soldiers pack the pounds on their backs to bring somewhat of the person they used to be back. Love stories, lost emotions and death occur on these days.

In this breathtaking story you get a memorable, yet heartbreaking peak into the lives of American soldiers. The story starts out with Lieutenant Jimmy Cross (played by Katy Clark) thinking over letters and memories about his hometown love interest, Martha (Taylor Williams.) But, will the constant thoughts running through Jimmy's head about the fact that Martha may or may not be seeing other men drive him mad? Or perhaps will the violent and life-threatening situations of the war wake him up from his fantasies? You will find out when you go on this journey with Jimmy Cross and find out that luggage isn't all these soldiers carry....

Video by Erin Mathisen

Video by Mike Stinn and John Van Ginkel
The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien is a fantastic story delving deep into the emotional development of the young Lieutenant Jimmy Cross in the Vietnam War. It is a story about a young man trying to lead his men while dealing with all of his physical burdens, and more importantly, the weight of his emotions. He must deal with all of the horrors of war while trying to maintain his youthful innocence. He thinks he can handle his squad, but when tragedy strikes, will he come out unscathed?

Video by Josie Cable and Val Sievers