Alec Guttenfelder and Jake Tanner
"The Three Hermits" is a riveting tale of a Bishop and three hermits. After learning about the hermits from a fisherman, the Bishop makes a journey to the island and teaches them the "correct" way to pray. He soon learns the error of his ways when the hermits defy all natural laws to reach him.

Luke and Jonathan - "The Three Hermits," based on a short story by Leo Tolstoy, is a compelling story about faith. It begins with a bishop sailing to the Solovetsk Monastery. The bishop converses with some of the occupants of the ship. They speak of an island where three holy hermits may live. The bishop wants to meet the hermits so he asks the captain to take him there. The bishop talks with the hermits, who are old and have large, bushy beards. The bishop does not like the way the hermits pray, so he teaches them the Lord's Prayer. After much teaching, the hermits finally learn the prayer and the bishop leaves the island. A short time later, something incredible happens. It is an ending so unspeakable it will blow you away!